Get Online

WiFi On Campus

WiFi is available on campus in most public spaces and buildings.

  • UNM has extended high-speed Internet access to campus parking lots to help students without home access. The following parking lots have 300 Mbps WiFi access:
    • G parking lot
    • Student Services and Support Center (SSSC) parking lot
    • IT South parking lot
  • You don't have to be inside a building to use UNM's WiFi coverage. There's a basic coverage map here. In addition to coverage around the Duck Pond, the Main campus, bordered to the north nearly to Lomas, to the east by Cornell Mall, to the south by Central, and to the west by Yale Boulevard, has access to the wireless network. Generally, if you are near a building with wireless, there will usually be some access in close proximity to the building.

WiFi Off Campus

  • The City of Albuquerque has about 65-70 locations that have outdoor wireless access points on and around City Locations. Most of them only span the parking lots or within ~100ft of the Access Point, but they are available via “COAFreewireless”.
  • Many public facilities have access that may be available from parking lots or within common areas. This includes businesses, churches, community centers, etc.
  • The Navajo Housing Authority has put together an online list of Internet access locations on the Navajo Nation

Connecting to the VPN

University students, faculty, and staff who have a need to access sensitive and protected information remotely may need to use a VPN, which makes your computer appear as if you were on UNM’s Albuquerque campus. UNM IT offers GlobalProtect (Palo Alto) as a VPN solution for these users.

Medical systems housed by HSC and UH will require the Cisco VPN for offsite access. For assistance with the Cisco VPN, please contact the HSC Service Desk at (505) 272-1694.