COVID-19 Safety

Stopping the Spread

Per Governor's orders and in accordance with CDC recommendations, all visitors to UNM Computer labs are required to wear face coverings, follow social distancing guidelines, and wash or disinfect their hands before and after using the lab. The latest information on UNM's COVID-19 response can always be found at

  • To help slow the spread of infection, we are following the UNM policy of self-reporting  either symptoms of or a positive test for COVID-19.
  • If you are a resident of a household that is actively experiencing COVID-19 symptoms such as a cough or a fever, do not come to campus.
  • All student staff must follow the UNM and HSC daily e-mail screening policy for all employees.
  • All computer lab users must show a UNM photo ID to enter the lab.
  • We are tracking lab visitors to aid with contact tracing in case of an outbreak on campus.

Keeping it Clean

  • Hand washing, face covering, and social distancing signage is posted prominantly in all open computer labs. If you don't have a face covering, we have a limited number of disposable masks that you can wear.
  • We always follow the New Mexico Health Department Health Emergency guidelines and require face coverings for computer lab staff and students.
  • Hand sanitizer is available in every room.
  • Computer lab personnel wear face coverings and use protective gloves when handling all equipment and interacting with visitors.
  • Computer lab personnel wipe down all surfaces (e.g., keyboard, mouse, desktops, computer monitors) with disinfectant after every use.
  • We have removed all keyboards and mice from the lab computers not being used. And we will only have enough keyboards and mice to allow five people per room for each classroom unless new health department guidelines are given; this is to increase social distancing and reduce the spread of the virus.
  • When a patron comes in, they will request a keyboard and mouse that would have been cleaned and disinfected with 409 or a similar disinfectant.

Keeping a Distance

  • Everyone visiting computer labs is expected to follow appropriate social distancing guidelines by avoiding gatherings of more than five people, and maintaining distance — at least 6 feet or 2 meters — from others.
  • Each room will only allow five people, as per Health Department guidelines, and computers are at least 6 feet apart or more to decrease the spread of the virus and support social distancing.
  • We are placing "Do Not Use" signage to the machines that will not be in use.
  • We are also in the process of ordering temporary plexiglass to support social distancing further. This plexiglass unit will be placed in the SCON desk to have a barrier between staff and patrons.
  • We are making laptops available for short-term checkout so that students can work where there is more space and fewer people.
  • COVID-19 research shows that prolonged time in enclosed rooms increases risk of infection. We recommend that computer lab users are mindful of the time they spend in a lab, and limit lab usage to one hour or less at a time.

If you need more information regarding Student Technology Access during the Health Emergency Orders, you can find more information on this page:

For more information about COVID-19 and how you can protect yourself and others, check out the UNM Health Emergency Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions.